Safari Lodge Bokkies

Auas Safari Lodge is situated on a vast savannah plain 45km’s from Namibias capital Windhoek, where wild life is plentiful and the only noise is the chitter chatter of birds. Every now and again nature crosses paths with the human population inhabiting the lodge, and every now and again these meetings end up with a friendship. Such is the story of two Impala fawns that made Auas Safari Lodge their home. Bokkie is a two year old Impala youngster who was given to Auas Safari Lodge by a neighbouring farm and raised by Auas Safari Lodge staff. Heidi will be turning one this year and was found by one of the staff members as a wee little fawn next to the dirt road. With Heidi only being a baby, she was raised by the supervisor Mrs Britz right in her home on the lodge, sleeping at her beds foot n end at night. Impala are usually fully weaned by 5 months old, but Heidi and Bokkie still enjoy their formula milk and the odd Marie Biscuit treat which they go bonkers for.

These days the two Impala’s can be seen frolicking on the lawn of the lodge and when night falls over the Auas Mountains the two youngsters follows Mrs. Britz to her home and snuggles in at her doorstep for the night. It is not every lodge in Namibia that can say they truly CAN offer you nature on your doorstep.