The Old World Vultures

Auas Safari lodge is situated in vast grassland planes beneath the Auas Mountain range with an abundance of bird and wild life. A native to these planes, and often seen on guided safari drives, is the Cape Vulture. The Cape vulture is what they call an Old World vulture. The Old World Vulture species include hawks and eagles whereas the New World Vultures are more your Condor family found in the Americas. Except for similarities in the “Looks Department” you would think these two species are a lot alike, but quite the contrary. Both species are scavengers but the Old World vulture finds their food exclusively through sight where the New World vulture has an exceptionally good sense of smell whereby they find food.

Auas Lodge Vultures

Long story short, the Cape Vulture can be found in Southern Africa including northern parts of Namibia. The Auas Mountains are a perfect habitat for these huge birds, nesting in the cliffs of the mountains where they lay one egg per year. They do look a bit odd with the featherless head feature, but are quite an impressive sight with being on average the largest bird of prey in Africa.